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What is WebEye
The WebEye Fleet Management Service (WEFMS) enables companies with a medium to large fleet of vehicles to manage their logistics information and operate their fleet far more efficiently obtaining highly precise information on digital maps which track vehicle movement and the routes driven. The WebEye Service generates complex, customized trip records which may also be used as a Digital Tachograph (to be introduced in the EU by August 2005). Driving time, resting time, maximum speed, trucking kilometers, and much much more can all be accurately monitored.

WebEye Real-time GPRS-onlineTracking is specially designed for those areas where companies must maintain very close surveillance of transported goods, for example with security or premium-value transports. The immediate position of the vehicle can be queried any time and the load accurately tracked. The geofencing function checks the route for you and gives a customer-defined alert if any change or stop during the route occurs. The locations and dates of refueling, multiple temperature monitor, and other details can also be registered; statistics and reports can be prepared optimizing the operation, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of your fleet. All WebEye data can be directly linked via the WebEye Open Interface with your existing logistics and other applications to enhance your environment into a Enterprise Fleet Management System.

The elements of the WEFMS are the following:

WebEye Vehicle Tracking Device (WEVTD) :

The vehicle tracking device is a small, extremely user-friendly unit which is installed in the vehicle. The main parts within the unit are the GPS module (implementing satellite location), the GSM/GPRS module (mediating the communication between the WEVTD and the WebEye Service Center), and the PCB (the controlling unit responsible for the operation of the WEVTD).

WebEye Service Center (WESC) :

The WESC is your window into a comprehensive mobile management system for managing your mobile assets over the internet, viewing details, and reporting asset activities. It collects and stores the data recorded in the vehicle units and processes them according to your requirements forwarding the results to an authorized internet-user. With this information you can increase the efficiency, utilization, security and safety of your entire fleet.

WebEye Online (WEOL) Real-time GPRS-Tracking Module

WebEye provides you an additional software module WEOL that allows you to locate and monitor your vehicles in real time. The precise location, status, direction and speed of several vehicles can be ascertained within seconds at any given time. This module enables you to watch your fleet move on the screen over a detailed digital map. You are alerted if the vehicle moves outside of a predetermined zone or route (geofencing). You can check on vehicle progress and keep your customers informed about status or estimated arrival times.

WebEye Open Interface (WEOI):

Your present logistics and bookkeeping applications can be linked directly with the WESC over the WebEye Open Interface. This combination gives you the complete failure-free solution for the reporting of your fleet's logistics tailored to your individual needs.

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